Reviews & Customer Testimonials

"I drink a pot (or thermos) of Darjeeling every morning with breakfast, and it has been Tea Campaign tea for more than 10 years by now. The price and quality is simply unbeatable."

- Heike


"I have been a customer for over 25 years, since I was a student in Germany, and was extremely happy when Boston Tea Campaign was established so that I did not need to bring the tea with me from visits to Germany anymore after I moved to the US 17 years ago The quality of Darjeeling from BTC has been excellent and good value throughout the decades. Over the years, I found that Second Flush Darjeeling was my preferred kind, as it provides a fresh aroma with a little “bite” to it."

- Markus


"I spent part of Thanksgiving looking at other tea web sites, in an effort to find one that a) offered value by selling tea in bulk; b) sold high end product, esp. Darjeeling and c) was organic. There is no shortage of fu-fu on-line companies offering tea in small volumes, but my eyebrows moved over the top of my head when I saw their prices. I could not find a company comparable to the Boston Tea Campaign on line. I appreciate your business model."

- Donal


"We have been a customer since the early days of Tee Kampagne in Germany. Apart from the exquisite range of teas, the no.1 reason for us would be the fact that the harvest is pesticide and herbicide free. As a young family we had been looking for a truly organic source in the early 90s, and one that delivers the facts rather than hiding behind fake organic labels or non-proven lab results. An unexpected side kick were unbelievably competitive prices for top seed Darjeeling teas, telling another story of the until-then unchallenged tea market-dominating distributors, mostly harbored in the UK. Not to mention the overall social concept underlining the Tee Kampage Darjeeling project, carrying its plantation workers, in the sense of “spreading the wealth around”. The idea of having an independent laboratory confirm pesticide residues near zero, rounds the picture perfectly. Unfortunately, even in this day and age, a large number of tea consumers, globally speaking, do not know or seem to care much about the vast amounts of pesticides used for growing tea, India being the market leader in pesticide consumption for decades. 

The Tee Kampagne Project proved to the world, that a business idea can thrive successfully, even take on the giants of those controlling the market, and still pursue a social concept, if one does not become obsessed with profit, and more importantly, does not get in bed with the stock market. In times of a failing, free-wheeling, non-regulated capitalism, this is become more obvious by the day. So Kudos to Boston Tea Campaign, and its founding father.

At our B&B we introduced our guests to Boston Tea Campaign assorted teas, earning much praise, and appreciation for the newly gained knowledge regarding pesticide contamination in other tea products. My wife often would suffer from migraines after consuming tea of unknown, allegedly pesticide-free origin, as the chemicals can act as a trigger for this painful sufferance which can completely incapacitate a human being for days. To this day she would carry with her Boston Tea Campaign Darjeeling, and would only ask for hot water wherever we’d choose to lunch or have a coffee break. It is in fact, the only source of tea she would and can consider, given the devastating consequences, if she’d resort to another source of tea. She has had this experience since teenage, so clearly, the facts speak for themselves!"



"Why Darjeeling? We just love the taste of it, and its lovely elegant fragrance. It is not overpowering, but rather mild and mellow. I drink it from my vintage cups and enjoy it even more that way. It goes with any type of sweets I have with it in the afternoon, and any breakfast choice in the morning. I have the selected or second flush in the morning, and the lighter first flush in the afternoon. Great pick-me-up when I need it.

Why Boston Tea Campaign? No middleman. No pesticides or other chemicals. Fair Trade. Excellent customer service. Delivery to my house! Buying  by the kilo/box, so I always have a stash. - What could be better?!

We have been enjoying our BTC Darjeeling since a friend introduced us to the Teekampagne in Germany (1999), and I used to lug kilos and kilos of it back from Germany every summer. I was sooooo happy when BTC opened in the US, and have introduced many tea lovers to their tea and service! Continue the good work! We love you!"



"I am buying the tea for the US Postal Service employee where I have my PO Box. He works SO hard for all of us and the only, and I mean ONLY thing that he wants when his birthday is coming up or Christmas is on the horizon is the Second Blush of your Darjeeling Tea. He is from Germany and he thinks your tea is the BEST TEA on the planet - and this man knows his tea. He is a jewel and very much worth the price."



"Your green Darjeeling was a revelation to me. I had never liked green tea: too bitter. But your green Darjeeling is smooth and satisfying, and since a friend bought me a kilo of it, I've been drinking it every day and loving it. I've also given a few one-ounce gifts to friends, one of whom calls it her "happy tea". It's become my happy tea too. Thank you."



"I first came across your company when I lived in Germany in 1997/98. My students friends from their told me all about how the Tea Campaign came about which was so refreshing and interesting, not to mention excellent tea. We drank it every day!  When it was finally brought to the US I was thrilled.  I’m very interested in agriculture and food quality and your tea fits right in with my lifestyle. Plus is just delicious."




"Darjeeling is my preferred tea. Your 2nd flush Darjeeling has a wonderful flavor and a deep tint. I started buying it years ago in 1969 when I lived in Germany. Plus the economical price on a large bag is wonderful. I have never found a better Darjeeling. The fact that it is organic is an added bonus."



"I've been drinking Darjeeling for forty years. I was elated when I found Boston Tea Campaign where I could buy in bulk after local tea shops closed. I've been a customer for at least 8 years. also appreciate that I can purchase the more full bodied second flush."



"I drink your Boston Tea Campaign Darjeeling 1st flush or 2nd flush everyday with great anticipation and it is always wonderful. My fall back choice is Assam so I am glad you will be offering this also."



"I have been ordering from Boston Tea Campaign for quite a few years.  The prices for the tea are great compared to the "boutique" stores.  The quality and taste of the tea is excellent!  I am an avid tea drinker Darjeeling tea is my favorite, I love the light fruity flavor."



"1- I love Darjeeling because its taste is unique and exceptional.

2- I feel like I'm having tea, and that makes me feel good. 

3- When we were living in Germany , my daughter referred me Tea Campaign as a best tea company and from that time till now ( living California ) I try to use more this brand."



"I am German and grew up with Assam tea and love it very much. Then I changed to Darjeeling because of the price. I drink two cups everyday. I love love my tea."



"I've been a fan and long-time customer of the Tea Campaign for more than 20 years. I started buying bulk Darjeeling from the original Teekampagne when I lived in Germany, after I saw founder Günter Faltin speak about the project at my university.  I was instantly taken by the simplicity of the concept and the fact that the tea was free of chemical residues and also grown in a sustainable way, both environmentally and socially. 

When I moved to the US, I was delighted to discover that this same, high- quality tea was also available at the Boston teat Campaign! My mornings with a big pot of Darjeeling could now continue to be the best part of my day.  Thank you, Teekampagne!"



"I discovered your tea in Germany one fall a dozen or more years ago when friends lent me a teapot complete with a small bag of Darjeeling from Tee Kampange. I had been ordering tea from a wholesaler in Pittsburgh, where I used to live, but their tea was not nearly as fresh and invigorating, so I immediately ordered a kilo from your mothership in Potsdam. In the process, which was complicated by my not being on the mailbox of the place I was staying, I asked if they shipped to the US. By then, you were shipping from Boston, and I have been buying your tea ever since. I look forward to trying both the Assam and Earl Grey, but I suspect I will be drinking your Darjeeling for a great long while."