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Whether First Flush, Second Flush or Green - our Darjeeling is a top-quality tea. In our silver package with the green label, you find the result of the most careful selection and the most stringent quality controls. Now it's up to you to allow the "champagne among teas" to achieve its peak flavor.




Always keep tea in a well-sealed container and away from sunlight. If you store it in our silver bag, an odor-free closet shelf will be just fine.


Use fresh tap water. Water quality varies by region. If necessary, buy non-carbonated mineral water.


For best results, brew your tea in a pot or container where the leaves can unfold freely in the hot water. Tea nets and especially tea infusers compress the leaves too much. Pour water when it's fully bubbling.

Measuring and Time

The tea's stimulating caffeine develops its full energy within two minutes. Longer steeping adds tannin, which has a calming effect on the gastro-intestinal tract. To find out what amount of tea leaves you should use and how long to steep them, we encourage you to experiment to determine your personal preferences. You may want to start with a tablespoon full of tea leaves for a pot of water and steep them for three minutes, and then increase or decrease these measures until you hit the perfect balance.

Pouring off

Before pouring the steeped tea into a teapot for serving, pre-heat that teapot with hot water. Warm water is not sufficient. Pour through a tea strainer into the pot.

Green Tea

Its preparation is a little less complicated. Do not boil the water; just heat it up to 160-170°F (70 - 80º C). While steeping, do not cover the pot, so as not to scald the leaves.


Darjeeling, especially the Second Flush, may be enjoyed with a drop of milk. Do not sweeten your tea too much, only enough to balance the natural bitterness. Because of the tea’s delicate character, we recommend white candied sugar. A teapot heater spoils the tea, so it’s better to keep it hot with a tea cozy.