Certified 100% Pure Darjeeling Tea

"Champagne": everyone knows that this designation refers strictly to bottle-fermented sparkling wines from the French region of the same name.

“Darjeeling” similarly refers to tea that is indigenous to the region of Darjeeling in northern India. Its incomparable quality is the result of its local climate, soil conditions, altitude and meticulous processing. Its unique aroma is savored by connoisseurs all over the world.

However, not all teas sold as “Darjeeling” are 100% pure! The Tea Board of India, the official Indian tea authority, estimates that up to 40,000 tons a year are sold as "Darjeeling" worldwide, although the district of Darjeeling only produces 10,000 tons a year.

Dedicated to the protection and preservation of genuine Darjeeling tea, the Tea Board has developed a unique Darjeeling logo as a seal of authenticity. Only companies that sell 100% pure Darjeeling are awarded licenses to use this logo. We are proud to display this logo: each package of our tea features our license number and the Tea Board of India's seal of authenticity.