First Flush Darjeeling Single Estate

Origin: Seeyok Garden, Darjeeling, India 


Tasting Notes: Light and flowery with muscatel grape notes 


Ingredients: 100% Organic First Flush Darjeeling Tea


About Single Estate First Flush Darjeeling: 

Single Estate Teas, also known as Garden Teas are in high demand among tea lovers all over the world.

First Flush Darjeeling Tea is the first tea harvested after winter, from the end of February until the end of April.

If you prefer light and flowery flavors then this is the tea for you! First Flush Darjeeling is a black tea with a lot of silvery tips and floral flavors. It has less astringency than other black teas. 

First-Flush Darjeeling is also known to have unique muscatel grape notes, which is why it is often referred to as The Champagne of Teas.

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