Green Assam

*Our Green Assam will be back in stock within the next few months.*


Origin: Sewpur Garden, Assam, India 


Tasting Notes: full bodied, yet mild with a fresh grassy taste


Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, 100% Assam Garden Tea


Brewing Instructions: 

- 500ml, 16.9 fl oz  of Water at 80°C / 176°F

- 3.5-4g, 0.12-0.14oz Assam

-Steep for about 2 minutes


About Assam: 

In the local language Assam means something like 'unique'. The leave of the Assam tea bushes are quite impressive. Due to the tropical climate, they are much larger than their chinese relatives.

The Sewpur tea garden is located on the Brahmaputra River. The river deposits its rich minerals, making this a unique tea. Enjoy it's full bodied, yet mild fresh flavors.