How Tea Helps You Lose Weight

How Tea Helps You Lose Weight

I’m sure you’ve heard it before - drinking tea can boost your metabolism and help you shed some weight. The question I’ve always had is; how exactly does this work?
It's time to explain exactly how tea can help optimize your weight loss!


1) Caffeine

As you know many teas contain caffeine. Tests have shown that caffeine allows your body to burn weight faster. Caffeine also gives you energy while you work out so you work longer and work harder.

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2) Antioxidants

Teas such as green tea contain certain antioxidants called catechins. Catechins help boost your metabolism which in turn can help you burn more calories.

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3) Active Compounds

Green tea contains an antioxidant called EGCG. EGCG helps boost the effect of fat burning hormones. In other words, it breaks down fat cells. Studies suggest that green tea can help people burn about 2-4% more calories each day. Though the effect of green tea is small, it can be very beneficial paired with a healthy lifestyle.

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4) Reduced Appetite

This may not work for everyone, but for some people a big cup of tea can leave them full for a few hours. Drinking tea can help reduce your appetite! This may mean you consume less calories throughout the day. Fewer calories may then result in some weight loss. So next time you're tempted to grab a bag of chips, try drinking a nice big cup of tea first.


5) Replacing Drinks That Contain More Calories

If you find yourself consuming lots of sugary drinks, tea can be a wonderful replacement. Tea will have way less calories than a soda or latte. I suggest starting with naturally sweeter teas such as rooibos or white tea. If you’re trying to get away from sugary coffee drinks consider some richer tea such as Assam or Second-Flush Darjeeling.

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Keep in mind that consuming more tea may only be effective if you also eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. Obviously if you decided to drink tea along with eating fast food, you probably won’t tell much of a difference. It’s about balance in all areas of life!


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