Dear visitors of Boston Tea Campaign’s website,

Boston Tea Campaign was an independent US company that unfortunately closed down. Boston Tea Campaign was the exclusive seller of tea from Teekampagne in North America and thus keeping close contact to Teekampagne (Projektwerkstatt GmbH) in Germany, who holds the domain of bostonteacampaign.

How can you get hold onto tea from Teekampagne now? We ship our teas within Germany and to many countries within Europe. If you have family or friends in one of those countries of delivery who could order for you and forward the tea to you that would be the easiest and safest option. Of course, our doors will also be open in case you drop by in our headquarter in Potsdam!

At the moment we try to find out where in the US you might find tea that is similar to ours. We will gladly keep you updated if you provide us with your e-mail-address at

Sincerely yours,
Teekampagne/Projektwerkstatt GmbH